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Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates in Charleston SC: Celebrate Small Victories

Small Victories Make a World of Difference for Seniors While in Recovery

By Edward Harrison | Nov 20, 2017

For the first several weeks after Meredith returned home from the hospital, she was extremely dependent on family, friends, and home care providers. At first, while in the hospital following the stroke, she didn’t even want to think about relying on strangers for any support, but she quickly realized how limited her mobility was and…

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Home Care for Seniors in Charleston SC: Getting the Most Out of Home Care

Getting the Most Out of Home Care Support Options

By Edward Harrison | Jul 24, 2017

Home care is one of the best options to consider for people who have difficulty with their own basic care. It could be an adult in their 30s or 40s who was injured in an accident. It could be a person who had major surgery recently and is going to be spending the next several…

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Health Foods That are Not That Healthy

By Oscar Isacsson, M.S., CSCS | Jul 20, 2017

Senior Nutrition & Wellness: There are tons of foods that are marketed as healthy. Sometimes you need to pay a little extra attention to really figure out whether something is good for you or not so good for you. A lot of marketers realize that there is a big need for healthy foods, however, sometimes the claims are slightly over exaggerated. Some items named as healthy can be far from it. Foods that are truly healthy for you will not have a healthy label. For example, broccoli is not going to have a “low fat”, “high in fiber”, “Great source of vitamins”, “gluten free”, label on it because it’s broccoli and everybody knows it’s awesome for you. 

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3 Questions to Anticipate from Dad When You Talk About Home Care

By | Jan 30, 2017

Home Care for Seniors in Greenville SC The moment you talk about home care with your elderly father, you’re probably going to hear some challenges, remarks, or other comments. If you don’t anticipate some of the questions or arguments against hiring a home care aide, you will probably not be as prepared as you could…

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