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Senior Home Safety

Could Your Clutter Affect Mom’s Safety at Home?

Senior Home Safety in Seneca SC: Clutter and Safety

You’ve been looking after your mother for some time. She might be in her 80s and is dealing with a number of issues. Maybe she’s facing serious health issues or perhaps it’s just a matter of slowing down with the natural process of aging. You, as her family caregiver, may not think of this as…

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Sore Joints Can Affect Safety for Seniors

Senior Home Safety in Seneca SC: Joint Pain

When a person is dealing with arthritis, it can affect them in many ways. The older a person is, the greater the risk of developing arthritis. If an elderly person has arthritis, it could directly impact their safety at home. Even if they don’t have arthritis, sore joints -such as a sore knee, ankle, or…

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Keeping Frail Seniors Safe While Also Active

Senior Home Safety in Anderson SC

Senior Home Safety in Anderson SC One of the inevitable aspects of life is that as we get older it will become more difficult to maintain the strength we had in our youth. For seniors in their late 60s, 70s, and 80s, even if they exercise regularly, they will begin to lose muscle mass each…

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